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UPDATE : Dennis is still working through his large pile of orders. Apologies for the delays.. (He wanted to make it clear that he’s not exit scammed…)

Dennis has certainly felt the full power of the internet in his little adventure.

Within the space of 3 days, he hit 2/3 of his target in orders – however he now has a large backlog of orders to work through. Thank you to everyone who has ordered and supported him.

He is pausing taking any more orders until he has cleared through his large backlog.

If you have ordered a picture, many thanks!! He is working through them all now and will get it sent out as soon as possible.


I’m Dennis. I’m 9 years old and I love drawing, computer games and doing bitcoin stuff with my dad.

I really love drawing, so I’m selling my sketches on the internet for lightning bitcoin.

I really want to buy a Nintendo Switch, but I only get $2 a week pocket money. My dad said if I wanted one, I have to earn the money myself.

I can do you a quick sketch for $1, or I can do an awesome one for $10.

Let me know what you’d like me to draw for you.

Take your pick below. I’ll email you your picture as quick as I can.

🙂 thanks for reading

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