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Dennis has managed to finish all his drawings and is going to take a well earned break. If anyone has any problems or is still waiting (don’t think he missed any) then please send a mail to lightningpictures1 at gmail dot com. He will respond after next week.

There were a few whose emails did not work (ie noneed & warnick) – so please send a mail if you are missing out…

Dennis almost has enough to buy his switch now, so he won’t be taking any more new orders. I know there was discussion on reddit if he was a real 9 year old boy (he is) and if he really was saving for a switch (he is)… We’ll post “proof of switch” when he gets it.

Dennis says it was great fun. Thank you for taking part!


I’m Dennis. I’m 9 years old and I love drawing, computer games and doing bitcoin stuff with my dad.

I really love drawing, so I’m selling my sketches on the internet for lightning bitcoin.

I really want to buy a Nintendo Switch, but I only get $2 a week pocket money. My dad said if I wanted one, I have to earn the money myself.

I can do you a quick sketch for $1, or I can do an awesome one for $10.

Let me know what you’d like me to draw for you.

Take your pick below. I’ll email you your picture as quick as I can.

🙂 thanks for reading

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